January 31,2014
Dream BIG!

I often hear this guidance to Dream BIG…to think LARGE…not to think limiting thoughts…

I use angel cards for inspiration, ideas and guidance, and this morning, the angel cards told me to "dream big."

"Freely dream big for yourself and this planet, and allow the angels to guide you with their eternal infinite wisdom, (Virtue, p. 24)."

I like that message not only for myself, but for all of us. If all of us were to dream BIG about our planet like some exemplary leaders, such as Nelson Mandela, Al Gore, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa and others have, think of what we could achieve … world peace, kindness to people and animals, racial equality, equality for women, enough food for everyone and a way to distribute it, clean water, clean energy, world prosperity. Why not? Dream BIG!

Thoughts are things. If enough of us Dream BIG for this progress and change, then we will make it happen. Even if each of us holds the thought of some aspect of a better planet in our minds and then does one small thing each day, such as doing a better job of recycling, or reducing energy consumption, or helping rescue an animal, the world becomes a better place. Everyone truly does make a difference.

Dream BIG for yourself, too! What is your life purpose? Dream of practicing it.

We must feel worthy to Dream BIG. Recognize your true worth as a child of God or the Universe. Know that all of us were created to be part of the Divine Universal Plan and each of us has a role.

Recognize your worth, practice love, and create a BIG dream for yourself.


Virtue, D. and Virtue, C. (2013). Indigo Angel Oracle Cards Guidebook, Hay House Inc., Carlsbad, CA.

© Carla Weaver 2014

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January 30,2014
Making Decisions and Solving Problems

Lately, I have been faced with several challenges that have necessitated practicing my creativity, problem solving, and decision making skills.

I usually think that I make good decisions, but sometimes, I make a bad choice that leads to having to make a different or better decision later.

When we have to solve a problem or make a decision, we need to apply our creativity. We need to keep an open mind to consider new or different solutions or alternatives. If we get focused on one decision or outcome, we limit our possibilities. When we are open to finding the best alternative, we consider ideas that we might otherwise shut out.

It is also important not to panic or make hasty decisions. I always remind myself that in the Universe there is no place for haste, panic or fear. The right decision may take a little more time and thought, but it will save time in the long run. "Sleeping on it" is often a good idea.

In our fast-paced world powered by high technology, people seem to think that they need to make decisions at the speed of light. However, decisions made at that speed have likely not considered too many alternatives or consequences.

Our intuition is a key ingredient in solving problems. It is our connection to the Source of all that is, so learning to hear our inner voices or decide with heart is important.

Sometimes after considering several alternative solutions and all of their pros and cons, the decision that "feels" right may not be the one that looks best on paper or sounds the most logical. But, if it's the decision that seems to come from my intuition, I try to follow it.

Following our hearts instead of our heads can be scary. If it doesn't seem logical, it is hard to take the leap of faith to make what may seem to be a bad or unlikely decision.

Of course, we are always offered advice from well-meaning family members and friends. But what may be the right decision for one is the wrong decision for another. Another cannot feel what is in my heart.

It takes courage and faith to go with the best decision. Others may question it and comment on it. It may seem like I need to justify it.

Sometimes, I like to do a reality check. I describe my thought process to a trusted friend and ask if I have overlooked anything obvious or if my thought process seems sound. That doesn't necessarily mean that I will change my decision based on another's advice. It's just part of being open to all possibilities and making sure that I haven't missed something important.

As for any other advice or feeling that I need to justify – well, my decisions are really no one else's business, unless they are directly involved in them or impacted by them. For example, a decision that affects a family or relationship, or one made on a business team impacts others. In those situations, the problem solving should be collaborative and the good of the group and the consequences to others are prime points to consider.

Once a solution to a problem or a decision has been reached, it's time for action. Action means implementing the solution. It doesn't mean rethinking the decision or worrying about it. Action means taking the steps to put the solution in place in a timely manner.

Sometimes, we need to take a little action to find the solution by doing some research or breaking the decision making down into more manageable steps. When we don't take any action, we're procrastinating.

Carla Weaver © 2014

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January 19,2014
Ask for Help

The Universe is a vast grid of love, energy and connected spirits. It is powered by God and Love. We can ask this Universe, God or Higher Power to help us with all aspects of our lives.

Often, when we are most in need of help, guidance, or assistance, we forget to ask.

I often consult some angel cards that I have (Virtue, 2006), which is a way of asking for help and guidance. This morning, the card that appeared to me had the following message:


"Ask us to help you in this situation, and we
will immediately go to work on your behalf.
We're governed by many universal laws, and
among them is the free will that allows you
to make your own choices and decisions,.
So we patiently await your request (Virtue, 2006)."

The cards are by Doreen Virtue, and the messages are paired with beautiful paintings of angels. The painting on this card shows an angel sitting in prayer. Prayer is another way to ask for help. I recently read an article in The Vancouver Sun that discussed scientific proof of the power of prayer. When we pray in numbers, we increase the effectiveness of our request s for help by raising the energy vibration.

These are three key tools for getting help: Ask, Pray and Solicit help and support from others.


Todd, D. (Friday, December 24, 2013). "The Mystery of the Power of Prayer," The Vancouver Sun, Pacific Press, Vancouver, BC.

Virtue, D. (2006). Daily Guidance From Your Angels Oracle Cards, Hay House Inc.: Carlsbad, CA.

© Carla Weaver 2014

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January 12,2014
What is kindness?

What is kindness? An act of goodness, or out of love. Motivated by love. Well meaning.

Kindness can also be discipline or setting a boundary or stopping the enabling of bad or addictive behavior. When we discipline our pets or children, it is kindness because we are showing them a better way or guiding them toward a wiser path through honesty and love.

Kindness is not about looking good or pretending to be nice by accepting unacceptable behavior. It is not motivated by the ego. It is not, "If I don't ever disagree or say anything controversial, everyone will think I'm kind or nice."

Kindness involves honesty, compassion, boundaries, discipline and love.

It has been a struggle for me to practice kindness in this way. It seems if we can just be tolerant and patient and allow others their faults, then that is kindness. And that is true. We are not all the same and we must be accepting of others. But, we must distinguish between tolerating and accepting others' faults or characteristics and accepting them as they are, and what is truly unacceptable behavior. All of us have annoying characteristics and just as we hope that others will accept us for our annoyances, we must do the same. But there are people who nag, abuse, express anger inappropriately, are dishonest, or a host of other unacceptable behaviors that we are not required to accept, so that we or others will consider us nice or kind. It is nicer or kinder, especially to ourselves, to set boundaries and detach from unacceptable behavior.

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January 05,2014

Nagging is unacceptable behavior. To be nagged is infuriating, to say the least. I looked up the definition of nagging at www.dictionary.com, and they used words like complaining, controlling, persistent, relentless, fault-finding, unrelenting, demanding, bossy, etc. None of these words is positive or describes an attribute that I'd like to have or that I want to be around. I also googled the word and found a few articles, and some more descriptions:

"To annoy by persistent fault-finding;"

"To find fault or complain in an irritating wearisome and relentless manner;"

"Ordering you around in a bossy insulting manner."

Hmmmm…..no wonder it gets on our nerves when someone nags us!

I read further to see what to do about it. The advice seemed to be simply don't accept it and tell the person to stop. Ignoring the behavior is essentially accepting it, so one must speak up.

It is disrespectful to nag, as the nagger seems to assume that the person that they are nagging is incapable of remembering to do the thing that they are being nagged about….incapable of turning off the light, washing the curtains, taking out the garbage, or whatever… It is simple. The nagger must stop nagging. The naggee must stop accepting it. Speak up. Stop.



VicenteKarl. (June 17, 2013). Dealing with a Nagging Girlfriend, retrieved on January 4, 2013 from http://www.subliminalpersuasionbook.com/dealing-with-a-nagging-girlfriend/

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January 04,2014
Standing Up to Unacceptable Behavior

Yesterday, I posted a prayer for 2014 and, for the most part, I try to live up to the things I included in the prayer. I'm human, so I have my faults and challenges, but the one item that brings me great angst is:

Help me to stand up to unacceptable behavior and to detach from those who practice it.

That sounds simple enough. Why would anyone willingly accept unacceptable behavior? But, for some reason, I find myself making excuses … maybe that person didn't mean that to sound so mean … maybe that person doesn't know that behavior is unacceptable … that person is a friend of a friend, so maybe I'll just let it go … and so on.

Today, as I reread that prayer, and realized that I am not able to stand up to unacceptable behavior and detach from those who practice it, I also realized that when I accept unacceptable behavior, I become irritable, irritated and angry, and that affects my abilities to live in peace and harmony and to practice compassion and forgiveness. When I looked at how making excuses for another's unacceptable behavior spills over into affecting the person that I want to be, I realized that is not okay with me. I am, therefore, finished making concessions for those who practice unacceptable behavior no matter who they are.

Sometimes, we need to see things written down, or hear the words in a different way, or hear the message from a different person before we get it.

If I am so angry at another person's unacceptable behavior or so angry at myself for not being able to detach from it, then my own behavior becomes unacceptable to me because I am no longer able to practice compassion, love and forgiveness, or live in peace and harmony.

© Carla Weaver 2014

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January 04,2014
A Prayer for 2014

As I thought about the New Year and what to write on my BLOG, I considered a few ideas. I could write about New Year's resolutions or predictions or hopes for the New Year, but none of these ideas seemed to inspire me or generate any fresh ideas. Then, it came to me that perhaps I should try something different this year. I have set New Year's resolutions before only to break them by changing my mind, losing my focus, or not being able to meet them for some reason. The same has happened with goals. So, what about a new approach this year? Perhaps a prayer for 2014?

What do I need help with this year? Here goes….

A Prayer for 2014

God, I ask you to help and guide me through 2014 to fulfill my highest good – to live to my potential – to be kind, gentle, loving and good.

I ask you to provide me with help and signs to lead me to the best decisions. Put angels on my path to light the way.

Help me to live in community and peace with others by being loving, compassionate and neighborly. Help me to show this love, compassion and kindness to all of God's creatures.

Help to keep me physically, spiritually and emotionally healthy and fit. Guide me to take the best care of myself by living in love, harmony and balance, by eating well, by exercising and by doing all things in moderation and balance.

Help me to forgive others for their unkindnesses, inconsiderations and actions against me.

Help me to stand up to unacceptable behavior and to detach from those who practice it.

Help to surround me with those who are respectful, loving, supportive and kind.

Help me to practice giving and receiving in balance in the Universe so that I am generous and loving to all creatures and, in turn, love, generosity and kindness return to me.

I pray for prosperity for me, my friends and family, my business, my community, my country, the world economy, and the Universe.

I pray for world peace.

Let it start with me and spread through those I meet.

Amen...and so it is...

© Carla Weaver 2014

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