November 19,2014
Taming the Creative Spirit

For some time now, I have had difficulty writing my BLOG on a regular basis. Part of me struggles with that – the part of me that decided to do the BLOG and organizes my work life feels responsible to be consistent, and if I am going to do something, to do it well. That part of me tries to discipline myself to write every day and I recognize that to do something well ,one must do it regularly.

The creative spirit in me goes in all directions – several writing projects on the go, painting, studying, teaching, consulting, volunteering… a million ideas and there isn’t time in a day to act on them all.

I am sure that this is not unique to me – many creative spirits juggle many ideas and projects at once, and the key is being able to work toward a  vision, to prioritize the ideas and projects, and to make consistent progress in the direction toward the vision.

At this time, I am reviewing and refining my vision.

Carla Weaver © 2014

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