April 20,2015
Arrogance and Judgement

A recent incident has caused me to think about what right one individual has to judge or criticize another in this universe. After much thought, I have concluded, NONE. I expect that all of us are guilty of having judged or criticized another to some degree, but, really, who am I to judge whether another is too fat, too loud, too anything? They are who they are. I can like or not like another’s characteristics. I can accept or not accept their behavior. I can like or not like the individual. I can choose or not choose to be in their company. But, I have no right to judge another human being. That is God’s job and it would be arrogant of me to think that I am capable of it.

In fact, recent research that I conducted in my doctoral studies showed that during life reviews occurring during near-death experiences, it is not God who judges our actions. We are shown our actions and how they affected others and we judge ourselves. So, if we feel that there is something wrong with another’s character, it is really none of our business. 

Recently, someone took it upon herself to judge my spirituality and other aspects of my character. When I said that she'd crossed some boundaries, she didn't seem to get that, and while disappointing, I realized that I no longer choose to be in the company of this individual. I choose to surround myself with those who love and respect me.

© 2015 Dr Carla Weaver

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