May 19,2015
What About Me, Dave?

Maybe you’ll think this is a little silly, but as the days go by leading up to May 20th, David Letterman’s final TV show before his retirement, I find myself getting more and more anxious. He’s been on the air for 33 years and I’ve been watching most nights for most of those years.

It’s like attending a small intimate party every night just before bed. In fact, most of the time, the party is invited into my bedroom and I watch it from my bed. There are my old friends, Dave, Paul, Biff, the guy from the Hello Deli, the band, and countless celebrities and musicians who stop by to chat and share music. We even got to know Dave’s Mom over the years. And Dave used to entertain us with crazy antics like having his stage crew, led by Pat, drop giant pumpkins and other stuff from the roof just to see what would happen when it landed on the street below. Oh, and there was the time that Paul McCartney and his band played on the marquee in front of the theatre, and of course, the stupid pet tricks – perhaps my all-time favorite – the bull dog riding the bike.

So, tomorrow, it’s over. What then? The air might as well just go dead between 11:35 and 12:35. Even that’s quirky like Dave – it starts at 11:35, not 11:30 – just a little off center. I don’t mean to insult the two Jimmy’s – they’re both great – and I don’t envy Steven Colbert trying to fill Dave’s shoes – they’re all great! But, they just don’t have the pizazz, the timing, the quick responses, the finesse of Dave.

Most of Dave’s recent guests have pleaded with him to stay on the air and encouraged him not to go – questioned his time to leave. But, really, they say that it’s always best to go out on top, and I have to admit that Dave’s doing that very well—leaving when everyone wishes for more. That’s the way to be remembered Dave...just like Johnnie.  Still, what about me? The ordinary person that won’t ever see Dave again? I’m sure that there are many of us who are sad (I’m more than sad) that it’s over. At least many of those celebrities that are complaining about the end of Dave’s show will get to see him at real parties because they are actual real life friends. But those of us who have been ordinary loyal viewers ….what about us, Dave?

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May 07,2015
Affirmation for Goal Achievement

Everything is possible in the Universe and I believe in infinite possibilities. I acknowledge and affirm the positive possibilities and outcomes. I release the worry or idea of negative possibilities or outcomes I am impeccable with my word – I speak and think about possibilities that are life affirming, prosperous, kind and for the highest good of the Universe.

I am clear in my intentions about what I want to achieve and I listen to my intuition to hear the guidance of the Universe. I consolidate my vison into a specific mission statement and goals.

I talk about my positive possibilities with trusted friends and mentors. I visualize the positive achievement of my goals

© Carla Weaver

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