June 15,2015
Are You an Empath?

I remember Deanna Troi  from Startrek: The Next Generation – the empath who could feel the feelings, dream the dreams and sense the energy of others. They called her an empath because she had the gift of empathy and she was considered unique amongst the Enterprise crew.

Not all of us have the characteristic of empathy, the ability to put ourselves in other people’s shoes or feel energy and sense feelings. Many of us do, and many of us could awaken our dormant gift and develop it.  However, it is not a quality that has been reinforced or valued by many in our culture. In fact, it is often devalued and even considered somewhat frightening to some, and unbelievable to others. But, to those who feel the feelings and sense the energy, it is real.

I know a few people who are empaths. We find each other because we do feel the feelings and sense the energy, and when we meet each other, we know. Just recently, I was at a reception for an art show when someone divulged to me that she is an empath. I knew.

For myself, I need to censor the types of movies and TV shows (including the news) that I watch because some are just too violent or intense for me. I need to limit my time in crowds and I avoid negative people because I don’t want to take on their negativity.

When we take on too much negativity, stress, or worry, it is important to be able to clear it through exercise, meditation and healing programs or we can become ill. If you are an empath, take the time to meditate, spend time in nature, walk, pray, perform yoga or tai chi, take Epsom salts baths, or visit hot springs to clear negative energy.

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June 14,2015
Art Reflecting Life

Perhaps nothing brings me so much joy as spending time in my studio painting. It is often difficult to find the time, but it is important for me to find it and dedicate time and energy to painting so I can experience more joy.

I have dedicated this weekend to painting, and in order to do that, I have had to let some other things slide for the weekend - social time and a clean house, for instance.

I hate to be in a mess, but I am just shutting out the mess for now – just pretending that I don’t see the various piles of things that need to be put away and the clothes that need to be ironed. They will wait for me until the painting is done.

One of the things that amazes me about painting is that art really does reflect life and life reflects art. I am not sure who coined the phrase and which is the correct or original quote, but I think that it goes both ways.

For instance, this weekend, I am working on some abstract paintings that involve a lot of pouring and dripping of paint and mixing colors and textures and allowing them to mix and flow on the canvas. While I had a vision when I started and a plan ... the paintings are taking on lives of their own and I must respond to the sometimes unplanned way that the paint has flowed on the canvas. And, it’s taking longer than I thought it would to transform them into works of art. Isn’t that how life works, too?  We may start out with a financial plan, a business plan, a career plan, a plan to travel … and things happen causing us to make adjustments and it takes more time and effort to achieve the goal. It takes patience.

Or, sometimes, it happens the other way. For example, one of my paintings came together quickly and easily. I thought it was too easy – too good to be true. Is that all that’s required? Should I ask someone else if it’s finished? Surely, there should be more hard work and effort involved! But, no, there’s something called flow or synchronicity. That’s what we strive for. To be in that zone when everything falls into place easily and effortlessly as if we are being guided from beyond. I must not question it.

Today, art is reflecting life in the very process by which I am creating it. Sometimes it is the other way and life reflects art – I see in my decision processes that I make a life decision in the same way that I might arrive at the decision about what color to paint the sky. Or, I have a vision for art and create it, and then it serves as a catalyst for creating something in my life.

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June 08,2015
Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life!

I often think about the question: Do you view the Universe as a friendly place or an unfriendly place? Or, put another way: Do you see the glass as half empty or half full? In quantum physics, we are told that the outcome of things depends on the observer. So, how we expect things to turn out is likely how they will turn out.

We must remember that we are swimming in a sea of infinite possibilities (the Universe) and our observations and thoughts affect the outcomes.

How we talk to ourselves and think about ourselves affects everything in our lives – health, finances, relationships, careers. How often do we find ourselves thinking “poor me” only to find ourselves short of money at the end of the month? Why not think “prosperous me,” or “healthy me” and see if it changes the outcome?

Change your relationship with the Universe and you change your life. When we see the Universe as unfriendly or the glass almost empty, we invite shortages, lack and poverty into our lives. It simply becomes a manifestation of how we see the world.  What we see is what we get.

What do you want to manifest? “Poor me, I have nothing,” or “Healthy and prosperous me, I have everything I need”? Change your thoughts and change your life.

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June 06,2015
Going For 100,000!

The other morning, I checked the stats for my BLOG site and found that almost 100,000 people visited my BLOG site during May. That’s amazing, and whoever you are, thanks so much for dropping by. I am so grateful that people are interested in reading what I write.

As you may have noticed, I haven’t written as much lately – a few reasons for that – I was a little burnt out after an arduous academic pursuit, I have been busy with work and some days there just hasn’t been time to BLOG, and I was dealing with some abuse that was levelled at me that hurt and disappointed me and rocked my confidence. But, life goes on and all of us have these distractions and lessons.

I am so grateful that the number of readers of my BLOG continues to grow. I remember the first month (January 2011) I had less than 1,000 hits on my page and now in May of 2015 it was just shy of 100,000. I hope that this month, I can break that milestone!

I invite comment and dialogue – I may not always respond right away when I’m busy, but I’ll read them all and respond when I can. I ask only that responses be respectful as I won’t share or respond to any that aren’t.

Thanks again for reading.

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June 03,2015
Spiritual Arrogance

A few months ago, I was stunned by another person’s arrogance toward me. She took it upon herself to judge me, my character and even went so far as to advise me that I am less spiritually evolved than she is. I found these criticisms way beyond the boundaries of friendship and wondered if anyone else besides God has the right to judge another person’s spirituality.

Aren’t we all just where we’re supposed to be in our spiritual journeys? Did Jesus, Buddha, Yogananda, the Dalai Lama put others down or judge their spirituality? NEVER! Is anyone “more” spiritual than anyone else? Aren’t we all spiritual beings? Wasn’t this judgement of me some gross example of arrogance? I looked up the word – “offensive display of superiority of self-importance (www.dictionary.com).” Yup. That’s pretty much what it was. Someone being offensive (I was offended) and superior.  I was left speechless and unable to write. Each time I would think about writing my BLOG, I would question whether I had anything to say – not being very spiritually evolved and all.  I really questioned whether I should write or not. Am I arrogant to think that I have anything to say?

I looked up the phrase “spiritual arrogance” on the Internet.  I found an article called Avoiding Spiritual Arrogance by David Langness. He writes, “Those who have acquired a measure of spiritual insight from their seeker’s quest sometimes have a particular vulnerability to a kind of triumphalist arrogance, a feeling of superiority and a sense that they richly and uniquely deserve such rarified knowledge and perception.” Yes, I had observed this in my friend. I had even heard her say something to the effect that God had chosen her to “get it,” as if she was privy to some secret knowledge that would be disallowed or unavailable to the rest of us less spiritually evolved human beings.

Now, I like to think that the Universe is a fair place and that spiritual knowledge is available to all of us equally should we choose that path and humble ourselves to have it revealed to us. It might take a long time and each of us may follow a unique and personal path, but I’d like to think that the knowledge is available to anyone who seeks it and that my former friend wasn’t granted exclusive rights by God, and surely, he didn’t endow her with the responsibility of judging me, too?

Langness goes on to say in his article that arrogance is “number four on the list of nine common mistakes spiritual seekers can make,” and Barry (couldn’t find his last name anywhere on his site www.personalityspirituality.net) writes that arrogance is one of seven dark personality traits. (The others are self-deprecation, self-destruction, martyrdom, stubbornness, greed and impatience.)

As I read more about this dark character flaw called arrogance, I realized that there are times when all of us may have fallen into that hole of being arrogant, and Langness refers to those times as “cringe-worthy.” Yes, I cringe as I become aware of those times in my own life. Barry offers synonyms for arrogance – egotism, conceit, grandiosity, self-importance. He writes that it can arise from negative childhood experiences, misconceptions about one’s self identity, feelings of insecurity and may be a coping mechanism to hide these insufficiencies. I can certainly see how that can happen. In my own case, arrogance has never been based on any true belief in superiority, but more a way of trying to be heard, to stand up for myself, or to mask my insecurities. I am now deeply regretful and sorry for any occasions when I have seemed arrogant, as it is not how I wish to be in this world. I must now humble my approach and go forward amending my own behavior.  While I lost a friend, I was able to learn from this dark character flaw so that I can grow from the experience and try to make myself a better human being. So far, it does not seem as if she has become aware of her arrogance in the situation, as I have not heard from her. I guess she still can’t relate to my less evolved spirituality. I hope and pray that she will also learn and grow from the situation. I have forgiven her but I choose to be in the company of those who love and support me.


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