August 09,2019

We are all powerful in some way.  Our power comes from our core, our solar plexus, our connection to something greater than we are. We don’t need to have the assigned power of office or executive. What we need is our own personal power that gives us the strength to move forward in life and helps us to protect ourselves from others who abuse their power by bullying, being vengeful,  or being unkind.

Power is a force deep within that we can access. This is the power that I am talking about.

When we think of power, we often think of powerful people with assigned authority by virtue of their position or wealth, but some of those people abuse their power.

Typically, those of us who are bullied are carefully selected by those who bully. They choose someone who won’t fight back, or doesn’t like confrontation, or who won’t tell. It may not even be true that these victims won’t tell or fight back, but the bully perceives their chosen victims to be that way.

First, we make a list of all those people to whom we have given our power – the people that we’ve allowed to victimize us. Maybe we haven’t been bullied. Maybe there are just some people by whom we feel intimidated, so we aren’t ourselves around them. Maybe there are some people who are potential bullies, so we stay out of their way. Maybe there are people with strong opinions, so we don’t voice our own opinions, or we allow their confidence or strength to overpower us. Maybe there is someone who criticizes us or puts us down. List the people to whom you have given your power.

Now, how will you take it back? I will share some techniques, but the secret is to find a way to not let them affect you. As Wayne Dyer said, “Be independent of the good opinions of others.”

I will continue to write about the various tools and techniques to help us move past these devastating relationships so that we are able to focus on our callings and creations.  Consider the following tools and explore the ones that resonate for you:

  • Angel cards
  • Prayer
  • Meditation
  • Practicing the Power of Intention
  • Physical exercise to strengthen your core
  • Reading
  • Counseling

Start to explore the methods that can help you strengthen your core and power.

© Dr. Carla Weaver


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