July 02,2012
The "I am" Statement

Wayne Dyer speaks of the "I am" statement in his latest book. He says that we must recognize and know ourselves and define ourselves by the phrase, "I am ______." This is consistent with what I saw in the documentary film, "3 Magic Words," in which the magic words are "I am God." These words are a prayer and affirmation. When we recognize that God is within us because we are all connected to each other and to the Source, then we live in harmony with the Universe and all that is in it, and we experience synchronicity in our lives. We must be careful what words we append to the phrase, "I am" because it's a prayer and affirmation. Try not to say things like "I am sick," or "I am broke, " or "I am worried." Rather, say, "I am healthy and well;" "I am loving and compassionate;" "I am prosperous;" and "I am God."

"The fastest way to realize God is to see him in every thing and every one." (Sai Baba)

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