July 05,2012
The God particle?

The God particle? Doesn't that sound like "Breaking News," or "Just in from Science Central," or the most awesome discovery of the decade….maybe the 21st century? When the headline crossed my yahoo page, I immediately wanted to know more. CNN spent the day on Obamacare and Romney talking about whether Obamacare is a tax or not, and the CNN pundits spent the day analyzing who said what about that and what they think it means. CBC was concerned about some guy getting a ticket in Quebec for running on the highway. CBS's lead anchor took the day off and didn't feel this was important enough to come in for, while his stand in reported on the fact that some cities cancelled their July 4th fireworks due to the impacts of the weather and power outages across the US (don't get me started here … wasn't there a better angle on severe weather and huge power outages than cancelled fireworks?). Oh, and the best … I heard a local radio announcer say something like, the God particle doesn't really change our lives; it only advances our knowledge. HELLO!! This is the most significant discovery since the big bang theory, which was really a Nobel Prize winning discovery, but many think it's a phrase with sexual connotations or a popular TV sitcom (which I love). I know; the news is not the news anymore. It's a tool of manipulation. I rest my case. Oh, I know. They all mentioned it. But they didn't give it the time and attention it deserved.

I'm going to figure out what the significance of the God particle is in layman's terms and I'll report back here on my obscure blog about leading a creative life. Stay tuned. I know it's going to apply to creativity somehow. I just haven't figured out how. But, 10,000 scientists have spent billions of dollars working on it for years, so it has to be more significant than Obamacare, cancelled fireworks or laws about running on Canadian highways. Maybe I should have checked the BBC? They're usually a little more forward thinking.

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