July 06,2012
Create a Great Day!

Often, in the mornings when I journal, I write about the kind of day I'd like to create. I start my writing with phrases like, "Today, I create a day filled with love and joy," or, "Today, I create a day where I am surrounded by healing energy and love." I can create any day I like in my journal. If I'm worried about something, I can create a day of calm and serenity. So here's what I'm hoping for today…

Today, I create a day filled with love, peace, joy and guidance from the Universe. I create a day of healing for my dog, who had surgery yesterday. I invite healing angels to surround him and guiding loving angels to surround and guide me today. I create an atmosphere of peaceful, calm, and serene energy in my home today that will support my dog in his recovery and will support me in accomplishing my day's work. I create positive energy and enthusiasm for my work and I approach it joyfully. I create a day that is financially prosperous for me, knowing that the Universe always provides for our every need. I create a day that provides opportunities for my work and art, and I create the energies of passion and enthusiasm that I can use to accomplish all of the items on my "to do" list. I create time for fun and time for exercise. I invite angels and the Universe to help me to eat healthily. I create a day filled with the love of friends and family. I create a day of peace and healing in the world. And, I create the opportunity and ability to understand what the "God particle" is.

Today, I practice gratitude for friends, family, a healed dog, the veterinary team that took such good care of him yesterday, financial and physical wellbeing and unlimited opportunities.

Create a great day!

© Carla Weaver 2012.

Posted by Carla Weaver at 08:57


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