July 09,2012
Be Whole and Who You Are

What does Spirituality have to do with Creativity?

When I write about living a creative life, I often include information about being connected to a Higher Power, which I refer to as God, the Universe, the Source, or Nature. It can be any Higher Power that you choose. But, I think that it is a critical element of being happy, creative, content and joyful in life. I believe this because humans are spiritual beings having a physical experience in this life. So, if we are spiritual beings, then I believe we must stay connected to spirit to be whole and who we are.

It does not mean that if you don't believe in a Higher Power that you can't paint, draw, sing, garden, write, etc. However, I believe that evolving and growing in anything that we do will be helped by belief in a Higher Power. The Higher Power could be your higher self if you have trouble believing in God, Nature, or the Universe. Think about how many times you hear actors or musicians thank their Higher Powers when they win an Oscar or Grammy! They acknowledge their Sources.

I also want to add that when I speak of God, the Source, the Universe, etc., I am not referring to religion, which is facilitated by man. I am not against religion, but the point is that it is a facilitated communication with spirit and therefore subject to all kinds of different interpretations, as well as dogma and ritual. Many wars and misdeeds have taken place in the name of religion.

"Today I will stand aside and let the Higher Power work through me. I will no longer try to block my Higher Power by my own efforts. Today I will put my ego in the background and allow my inner voice to show me the way."

"I will not interfere with the working of God's spirit in me and through me."

"Sometimes my mind gets so cluttered that I feel like a rubber ball … bouncing with no direction. When I feel this way, perhaps I am running form something I must do … look at … or feel. I know there is a direction for me, if I can only get quiet enough to listen."

"Today I affirm my courage to look inward, to seek out that internal and eternal source of wisdom. Today I will not get in my way (Lerner, R., 1985, p. 72)."


Lerner, Rockelle (1985), Daily Affirmations, Health Communications, Inc., Pompano Beach, FL.

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