July 14,2012
Go with the flow.

Go with the flow. Let the day unfold. Throw away the "to do" list today. I know. That's not always practical. But, if we remain focused on a "to do" list or someone else's priorities for a lifetime, we won't accomplish what we are here to do. I look at my daily list and sometimes none of those things on that list are what I really want to do today. They are things that need to be done to meet deadlines, pay bills, meet my clients' priorities, take care of the dog or family. So, indirectly, I want to do those things because they take care of my responsibilities. But, some days, we just need to get up and go to the beach or read a book or paint or garden or go to a movie or for a hike. Or, just go out the door and see where our spirits lead us. Let the day unfold.

I recently spent a day in Montreal after a business conference. I followed my nose – one place led to the next – from a quaint sidewalk café and a café au lait to a comfy spot in the shade at the jazz festival to another sidewalk café on Crescent Street for a glass of wine and a salad with a little shopping and viewing of old architecture and Canadian history in between. A perfect day in a friendly warm city with the sun shining.

Of course, it is always easier to be free when we're travelling. The "to do" list is at home on the desk and we can forget ourselves and go with the flow. My friend and I often speak of how we are able to truly relax when we are away form home. But, we should be able to do it when we're home, too. Just lay down on the couch in the room that needs to be dusted and vacuumed and eat a bag of Doritos and watch a movie or read People magazine all day. While the day may seem unproductive, what 's really happening is we are resting and rejuvenating and maybe a photo in the magazine or a scene in the movie or a line in the book will inspire our next great creative project. Kick back and relax in the dust!

© Carla Weaver 2012.

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