July 22,2012
Vision and Intent

Before something can happen in our lives, we must believe in the possibility. We must have a vision. So, for example, if we want to own a home, we must believe in that possibility for us, or we will never be able to make it happen. We must have the vision and maintain the intent. The vision must be as clear and specific as we can make it. Do we want a condo, a city home or a house in the country? How big is it? What does it look like? Imagine it with all of your senses. Can you smell the ocean? The smell of a new home? Wild flowers? Freshly cut grass? See it … what color is it? What are the sounds associated with your vision? Is it in the country where you can hear the crickets? Can you hear waves lapping against a lake shore or stronger ocean waves breaking on a rocky beach? Is it in the city where you can hear the bustle of people and traffic? What are the textures? Can you feel the warm smoothness of a hardwood floor? The coldness of a tile floor? The warm sun through many windows? Clarify your vision with all of your senses. Use your sixth sense….what does the energy of the house feel like? Some writers, such as Rhonda Byrne in "The Secret" suggest making a vision board. This is all about creating the idea, which is the first step in creating something. The idea must also be created with thoughts of love …. Create something you love. Don't create something on a whim or without loving thoughtfulness.

Along with this idea or vision, you must believe that it can happen for you. You must not have any blocks that will stand in your way. Ideas such as feeling that you are not worthy of owning your own home, or not believing that you can afford it, or not really wanting it on some level, or believing that the housing market is going to crash, or believing that you can't take on the responsibility of a mortgage will all stand in your way of making the vision of your own home come into reality. So, before you go any further or waste any time … work on truly intending that this can and will happen for you by eliminating these negative ideas, which will block your vision. Identify what they are and work on eliminating them because you must truly and deeply intend to make the vision (or possibility) become a reality.

Working on removing these blocks can take some time. Sometimes, we are not aware of the obstacles in our way, but we can be open to uncovering the obstacles that we cannot yet see, and we can ask for help. If you believe in a higher power or angels, ask them for help. If you have a friend….say a real estate agent or someone who has bought a home…ask them how they bought their first home, or if they worried about the responsibility of a mortgage. Do some research to learn about the things that cause you fear or worry.

"Our thoughts about the future go far toward creating it; our minds and hearts are like filaments that connect today to tomorrow, they are conduits for either the status quo of the emergence of different, hopefully more loving, possibilities. How we think and how we behave determine where we are going." (Marianne Williamson)

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