July 27,2012
Organizations, Vision and Intent

I was recently reminded about how important it is to revisit vision and intent in an organization. It is important to continue to develop a clear vision and intent, as management and board members change, employees change, time passes. With many different committees or departments and individuals working on different aspects of an organization, we need to be united by a single clear vision so that we can all hold the intent to achieve it as we carry out our individual and team responsibilities.

Vision drives everything else and if there is no vision, then you are off in too many directions because everyone sees a different dream. Out of the vision and mission come direction to build the plans for achievement and creativity. A strategic plan, business plan and marketing plan provide the map to hold the intent to achieve the vision.

"Vision is a consciously created fantasy of what we would ideally like the organization to become, a waking dream. This idea is not new to many organizations. A vision statement is often another name for "guiding principles" or "core values." What is new, is that in the cutting edge organization of the future, leaders have to make sure each and every employee, on some level, is involved in creating the vision. The task of each employee is to create his or her own vision which, in turn, ties into and supports the team, division and organizational vision (Mapes, 1998).

Mapes, James. (December 1998). "A Vision Throughout," Innovative Leader #376, Volume 7, Number 12.

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