July 28,2012
Education, Vision and Intent

We must also have vision and intent in our education pursuits, just as we do in our art and in our organizations (business or otherwise). Perhaps having vision and intent in education is somewhat easier because of the way educational programs are set up with curricula or programs or milestones and gradable deliverables. Once you've decided that you want to pursue a certain vocation and chosen a school, the program is usually clearly set out so that you meet the requirements for the degree or diploma. Therefore, holding vision and intent can be a little easier. However, it is the same principle…have a vision of what you want the outcome to be; hold the vision of yourself as a qualified and experienced auto mechanic or psychologist or teacher or doctor or lab technician…whatever your field; hold the vision of what it feels and looks like and sounds like when you've achieved it. Hold that in your mind, believe that you can achieve it and pursue your dream. Follow the prescribed program, all the while holding your vision and believing that it is achievable. And, one step at a time, one assignment at a time, one course at a time, you achieve your dream.

"Let me first be sure what I intend
and the reasons for my choice; this
will guide my thoughts into constructive
channels, and keep me from attempting the
impractical or impossible." (Celebra Tueli)

"Whatever you can conceive and believe, you can achieve." (Napoleon Hill)

© Carla Weaver 2012.

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