January 08,2013
First Anniversary!

January 8th! This is the one year anniversary of my BLOG! A year ago today, I was inspired to start a BLOG, although I didn’t publish my first entry until January 11th. I didn’t really even know what a BLOG was at the time; it took me a few days to figure that out. This morning, I looked back to see how I introduced the BLOG, and I was a bit loose and vague about it, as I did not really know how it would unfold. I said the topic would be about Living a Creative Life, and I did not commit to write every day because I didn’t think that I would be able to. I am proud of myself for having written regularly over the last year on the planned topic and amazed that the first month there were fewer than 500 readers and that the hits steadily grew to over 21,000 a couple of months ago. It gave me the impetus to keep on writing because I could see that people were reading. However, really, we should be able to create whether anyone is reading or looking because it is about our own creative expression and not the ego. Still, it is gratifying when others appreciate our work. I always strive to touch the heart of another when I paint or write, so if that is what causes one to come back to my site to look at my art or read my BLOG, then all is good. So, thanks for reading my BLOG today on this first anniversary. Please come back again. I plan to continue BLOGGING.

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