January 13,2013
All in God's Time

Many of us have been influenced by today‚Äôs work world with its focus on deliverables and deadlines. Everything must be produced according to a schedule and sometimes the schedule becomes more important than the quality of the output. But this is not how creativity flows. For many artists, creativity is as much or more about the process than the finished work. And, most of us care deeply about the finished work ‚Ä" often never feeling truly satisfied that the work is done.

It can be challenging to work in the work world where its demands are great for the finished product, while also trying to work from true inspiration. This requires balance and devotion. We must take the time daily to devote ourselves to the source of our inspiration and creative energy. All of us must decide how we best accomplish this ‚Ä" a walk in nature, journaling, meditation, yoga, prayer, reading‚Ķ

We must balance our time between connecting to creative energy, working and playing.

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