January 16,2013

More than a week ago, I had an accident and hurt myself. The injuries have been painful and I had some difficulty coping even though I was grateful that I had not broken any bones. On my lowest day, I encountered two “angels” who shared their tragic experiences with me. The first was in the morning. I walk by that place every day, yet I had never seen this man before. He asked what had happened to me. When I told him I had fallen, he shared his own motor cycle accident story with me. It was much worse than mine; he had broken his wrist and his jaw and lost several teeth. He also broke several bones in his face and pointed out his scars. I was reminded to be grateful for blessings. I could have been injured much worse than I was.

However, as the day continued, I continued to feel down, and I can only attribute that to pain. Later, I was walking my dog, and I encountered another “angel.” This man asked me what had happened to my hands and then he shared his experience and said how grateful he is to be alive. He had been sitting at a sidewalk café when two cars ploughed into it. Several people were killed, but he survived. He had a badly deformed arm and has had several surgeries to repair his leg and hip. He lost several teeth and he has more surgeries to come. He said that he is in constant pain, but feels blessed to be alive.

I can only say that these people were put in my path on that day to remind me that life is a blessing and to be grateful for the good. When we feel sorry for ourselves or dwell on the negative or the pain, we must remember that there is usually someone somewhere who is suffering more and remember to be grateful for the blessings in life.

© Carla Weaver 2013.

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