January 17,2013
Doing What's Right For Ourselves

Energy - everything is made of it and we are all vibrating. It is life, so how do I align myself with compatible energy and protect myself from non-compatible energy? How do I live in community and be accepting of others' faults? How do I demonstrate compassion for those whose energy is not compatible? Life is all about sensing and responding to energy. It is not even about good and bad energy…it is about making positive choices based on what is good for us in the moment. It is about being alert and mindful and in the moment and responding with that alertness and awareness to take the right actions, to respond to the most inspirational ideas, to make the most intuitive choices, to do whatâ's right in the moment without judgement of others. When what another is doing, saying or expressing is incompatible with how we feel, it is difficult not to judge them as bad or annoying or less enlightened or incompetent. But, in God's Universe, they are doing what they are doing on their paths and it is none of my business how, why, or what they are doing. If I don't like it, I need only make my own choice about what's good for me.

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