January 23,2013
Speak For Yourself

Sometimes, others speak for us, or we speak on behalf of another, assuming that we know what they are thinking. I often catch myself doing it in a restaurant when the waiter comes to check on our table. “Everything is fine,” I’ll say. But, how do I know that? Maybe someone sitting with me is waiting to ask for the ketchup when I speak up and send the waiter away. Lately, someone has the habit of speaking for me … of making an assumption and speaking on my behalf or of implying that my opinion is the same in order to use me as an ally to influence others’ decisions.

When someone is making assumptions about what we think or want, if we don’t want them to continue to do it, we must speak our truth … either in the moment by disagreeing and stating our own opinion, or by speaking to the person to let them know that it is not okay for them to speak for us.

Speak your truth, for it is not fair to have to be responsible for what others say on your behalf. They may be creating an inaccurate impression of you.

© Carla Weaver 2013

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