January 24,2013
Creating With Love

Earlier this week, I wrote that I believe that the higher energies of the Universe, such as healing, creating prosperity and abundance, giving, and creativity are expressions of love. Following up on my thoughts about this, I began to read about love and came upon a wonderful essay by Anthony de Mello in which he defines four qualities of love. He says that it is indiscrimate, gratuitous, unselfconscious and free (de Mello, 1992). In other words, true love is practiced and given freely and unconsciously to everyone with no expectations. It is unconditional. We are used to reading and hearing about practicing unconditional love in relationships with people and animals, but what about practicing unconditional love in our creative pursuits? That would mean giving our creative gifts to the Universe freely and indiscriminately for all to enjoy and having no expectations.

Give feely and indiscriminately of yourself and your work.


De Mello, Anthony (1992). ‚ÄúLove One Another,‚ÄĚ The Way to Love: The Last Meditations of Anthony De Mello, Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group, Inc., New York, NY.

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