January 29,2013
Upcoming Workshops, Group Sessions and Counselling

This spring, I will be offering some workshops and weekly group sessions on Creativity. The workshops will be two day intensive weekend workshops that focus on expressing creativity and removing blocks. During the two days, attendees will learn about the creative process, discuss their own processes, set creative goals and work on a creative project. Exercises to stimulate creativity will be used, and will not be specific to one creative expression ‚Ä" we will use art, music, writing and sport examples to stimulate our creativity.

The weekly sessions will be 90 minute group sessions to discuss creativity, blocks, struggles or other issues related to expressing creativity. The sessions will offer a safe environment with a small group and will include eight 90 minute weekly meetings.

I will also be offering some individual one-on-one sessions to coach and support your creativity.

These events are part of the completion of my doctorate in counselling psychology. I will publish specific dates, times, costs and descriptions shortly, but this BLOG is intended to get the word out. If you are interested in any of these three types of sessions (weekend workshops, weekly groups sessions or individual counselling), please respond to this BLOG, as attendance will be limited. If you respond, it will be confidential; I will not publish any responses on the BLOG. All sessions will take place in the April to July timeframe. I anticipate that the workshops will take place in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, but if there is demand in another geographic area, that could influence scheduling. An online group session may be facilitated via Skype if there is demand and individual sessions could take place via Skype or in person in the lower mainland area. More information to follow.

If you know of others who may be interested in these sessions, please forward this information.

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