January 30,2013
The True Source

As artists, many of us struggle with trying to earn a living from our art. Our economy and system seem to be set up to make “stars” of some artists while not fairly compensating those who don’t receive star status. But we cannot let this be a barrier to making our art. We must realize that the true source of prosperity is God or the Universe and that the Universe will provide for us. Our art is only one channel through which our income may flow, and our art may lead to many more channels than we are aware. We must remain open to new ideas. For example, we may be able to earn income from teaching our art, reproducing it, demonstrating it, or writing about it. Remain open to opportunities and intuitive ideas knowing that the true source of income is the love and energy of the Universe, the same creative energy that we use to create our art.

“I do not depend upon people or conditions for my prosperity. God is the Source of my supply and provides amazing channels of supply to me now. I am careful not to confuse the channels of my supply with its true source, God (Unity of Vancouver, 2012).”


Unity of Vancouver. (2012). Forty Seven Day Prosperity Prayer Program.

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