January 31,2013
Forgive Yourself

In order to move forward in life, we must forgive ourselves for past mistakes. We can sometimes hold ourselves in contempt for past mistakes, yet, everyone makes mistakes in life … that’s how we learn and grow. That’s how our species evolves.

Today, think about what mistakes you may still be regretting or holding onto. Are there any things for which you are angry or disappointed in yourself? Make a list of them. Tell yourself that you are sorry about these errors or decisions or actions and that you know that you did the best that you could at the time. Go to the mirror and look yourself in the eye when you do it. Then, accept your apology, and forgive yourself. Again, in front of the mirror, say, “I accept your apology and I forgive you and I love you.”

We can be so anxious to accept and forgive others’ transgressions, but what about accepting ourselves fully? Letting go of resentments against ourselves frees us to move forward and make better decisions in the present in all areas of our lives â€" relationships, finances, health, nutrition, career, creativity, etc.

Forgive yourself.

© Carla Weaver 2013

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