January 31,2013
Morning Time

Perhaps the most important part of my creative process is what I call "morning time."¯ I have often thought that I am not a "morning person"¯ because I am not one of those people who bound out of bed with enthusiasm and race out the door to the gym or other activities. Instead, my morning is devoted to quiet time. I need my coffee and time to reflect and plan. I write in my journal; I reflect. I need my morning time. Perhaps this grew from reading "The Artists' Way"¯ by Julia Cameron many years ago, when I put into practice her suggestion of writing three "morning pages" first thing every morning ... three pages of stream of consciousness writing. I have journaled almost every morning for more than fifteen years. It helps me to get in touch with what's on my mind and to reflect on my work, life and art. It helps me to focus and to be calm. I often read meditative or spiritual books during this time to stimulate my creativity. Setting aside some quiet time at a time of day that suits your schedule is helpful to stimulate your creative process.

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