January 07,2017

Gratitude is how we acknowledge and multiply what is already good. To make our worlds good, we give thanks for the people, places, kindness, love, generosity, good health that come to us and we express that gratitude by acknowledging our appreciation for what is good. We give thanks to God/The Universe. We bless those who assist us and we pay it forward by doing good and by being generous to others. We give to charities or to organizations that contribute to our spiritual growth and well being. We live by values that are fair and kind and loving to all people and animals and respectful to our planet.

For what kinds of things are we grateful? Our sources of income and work, our accumulated savings and assets, our homes, our friends and family members, the ability to take holidays and/or travel, our pets, our material things, such as clothing, furniture, art and other possessions, our talents, the financial institutions that have helped us, the spiritual organizations and guides who have helped us...

Bless these things and they will multiply. It is a universal law.

© Dr. Carla Weaver 2017

Posted by Carla Weaver at 10:19


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