July 31,2012
Blessed Friendships

On Sunday morning, a long time friend of my family passed away. She and my Mom were close friends for over 60 years, and I have known her my whole life. What a blessing to have a friend for a lifetime! Today, that is rare … people move often and it seems that we don't keep in touch, even though our technology makes it more possible, although less personal than a phone call, a hand written letter, or personal visit.

My Mom and her friend shared many things … they laughed, raised their children, curled, played ball, played bridge, played the piano and sang, cooked, belonged to the same organizations, ran businesses on the same street in our hometown. They were kindred spirits.

Friendship is a gift from God. It also takes a friend to have a friend. Our friendships do not happen without caring loving attention and acceptance of each other's faults. I like to say that friends love each other "warts and all." They accept each other as they are, love and respect each other, develop trust and forgive each other when they make mistakes. No one is perfect, but when we find a friend that we can share our experiences with and laugh with and trust, it is worth preserving.

So, here's to Louise! My Mom and I drank a quiet toast to her last night. Bless you until we all meet again!

"A friend is one who knows you as you are and understands where you've been, accepts who you've become and still, gently invites you to grow." (Anonymous – from p. 179, The Fabric of Friendship by Joy Carol).

© Carla Weaver 2012.

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