Victime of Circumstance #3
Victime of Circumstance #3
In Private Collection
36 by 36 in.
Oil on Canvas

Copyright © 1992 Carla Weaver    Zoom Image

Year Created:1992
Artist's Comments: In 1992, I was struck by the tragedy of children starving in Somalia, while there are fields of wheat across our country and plenty of food on earth to feed our planet. I painted a series of paintings to draw attention to this tragedy. The paintings were used at a fund raiser at UBC's Lutheran Centre to help draw attention to the cause. I think that some of these are some of my best paintings - perhaps because of the depth of emotion that felt for this issue. Sadly, they are timely again.

This painting is 36" x 36" and through its size draws attention to the tragedy of this starving child behind the barbed wire of a refugee camp.

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